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Get Involved

Help grow the Union Movement — Get Involved

Trade Unions provide many benefits, not just personal benefits such as workplace advice, personal injuries and free legal advice. You can be part of the movement that gave us weekends off, the national minimum wage, workplace pensions, the right not to be sacked for being pregnant or sick and many more legal rights.

Ways to participate

  • Make sure your friends and colleagues know about unions
  • Participate in conferences and events
  • Stand up and be counted in our campaigns
  • Tell us your story
  • Support the national trade union movement
  • Work for GMB

Participate in conferences and events

GMB, is your Union, join us, have your say!

Without our members, there wouldn’t be a trade union. It’s our members who raise issues and take forward new policies.

Get involved; take part in discussions and our conferences. Whatever your interest, we will have something for you, from Retired Members section, Women’s section, Equality section, Care section or maybe the NHS.

Join us on our campaigns!

GMB have numerous campaigns, to highlight issues and raise awareness.

If you want to get involved and keep up to date on any campaign that may affect you or your colleagues and friends, contact us and add your details to our mailing list so we can invite you to such events.

Tell us your story

GMB members like to read real life stories, from fellow union members. So they don’t feel alone with issues they may be facing.

Ways in which you can tell us your story.

  • Consider writing something for your Branch Newsletter
  • Write a letter for our magazine – which goes out to all our members.
  • Follow us on Social Media sites, respond to comments and tweets.
  • Text us with details to 81066

Support the National Trade Union Movement

GMB members come together with around five million other trade unionists across the UK, through the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

The TUC unites 54 unions, and their 6.2 million members; working people from all walks of life.

The TUC campaigns for better terms and conditions at work, social justice at home and abroad, GMB is a part of this to help achieve these goals.

The more trade unions and its members that come together the better chance we have!

Work for GMB

You can be a part of the Trade Union movement in many ways; firstly you could join us by being a Workplace Representative, Health and Safety Representative, Branch Secretary, Branch Auditor plus many more.

Receive good quality training and advice by attending one of our many varied courses, and why not try your hand at applying for many of our positions in our Membership Department or Organising Department.

Find out more about the current list of vacancies.


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