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Campaign: nhs

Overview: NHS

Overview: NHS

29 January 2015

GMB seeks a living wage of £8.55 per hour in London (up from £8.30) and of £7.45 per hour in the rest of the country (up from£7.20) for all employees at work in the UK. More

Campaign: Latest News

Hands Off The Horton Campaign

05 August 2016
Hands Off The Horton Campaign

The proposed downgrading, or indeed closure, of the Horton Consultant Led Maternity Unit and the other cuts to vital services outlined in the Oxford University Hospital Trust's will severely impact on the community.

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GMB Support Junior Doctors

12 January 2016
GMB Support Junior Doctors

GMB Call On Members To Support For Junior Doctors Dispute In England With Flags And Banners On Picket Lines On 12 January