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GMB recommends that you vote "yes" in the political fund ballot

Thursday, July 31, 2014

To enable the GMB to maintain a political fund the Government insists that we ballot all our members every 10 years to ensure that they wish us to have a political fund. Members will be receiving their ballot papers and instructions as to how to use them in the current edition of the Centre Point Magazine.  

What is the political fund?

The political fund isn't about party politics. It's about your union being able to campaign. If the GMB want to campaign on a whole host of issues, we have to have a political fund. If we hadn't had one during the last ten years, we wouldn't have been able to campaign for better pay, terms and conditions across the UK or to secure a living wage for low paid workers. We certainly wouldn't have been able to campaign to save our NHS, for free school meals or against zero hour’s contracts. 

A political fund isn't about political parties. It's about our members having a voice. 
That's why it matters. 

We believe it is important that trade union members have a political voice to lobby government and political parties on a range of issues that affect our members. In the last year across the West Midlands, we have campaigned on a number of issues from supporting teaching assistants, the living wage, blacklisted workers, and the cost of living to free school meals in schools. These are just some examples of the work the political fund allows us to do. In the current political climate, less than a year until a General Election a yes vote in the ballot is more important than ever before.  

I have included with this mailing some materials encouraging members to support the fund and vote yes. I would really appreciate it if you can distribute the materials to members of your branch.  

Your union recommends that you vote 'yes' in the political fund ballot so we can continue campaigning on your behalf.

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