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Rowley Owls Nursery

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rowley Owls Nursery is under threat from drastic proposals and we need your support!

Rowley Hall Primary School Governors plan to cut the service this nursery provides to local children and their parents, by integrating it into the school and removing the provision of care for 0-2 year olds from 1st January 2016.

They propose to:

•Remove all year round care by opening the nursery during school hours and term time only.
•Remove provision of care for 0 -2 year olds.
•Parents/Carers will be able to purchase care for ‘wrap around clubs’ (Breakfast/lunchtime/afterschool care – although no times have yet been advised)
•Make changes to staffing in the nursery

The GMB will be outside the school tomorrow (Friday 2 October 2016) speaking to parents, staff and the community to support the campaign and to get signatures for the petition.

We will also be attending the Parents Meeting at the nursery on Monday 5 October from 4.30pm.

Members of Sandwell Council Authority have been approached about the campaign and have expressed support, this will be followed up shortly with the leader of the authority and the councillors in which they will be asked to pledge their support in writing. Details to follow.

Darren James, GMB S85 Branch Secretary said “With the inevitable loss of staff resulting from these proposed changes, this wonderful nursery will suffer and no longer be able to provide the standard of care and support to parents and the community it now does.”

“Once the drastic proposals are put in place the damage will be irreversible!”

“Sign our petition now. We want the Council/Councillors and local MP’s to hear us loud and clear. Listen to residents, the public and the nursery to prevent these drastic changes that will result in irreparable damage to a fantastic community nursery.”

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Rowley Owls Nursery Petition

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