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S20 Security Branch sponsors local rugbyclub

S20 Security Branch sponsor local Rugby Club — Rugby Lions.

At the last Security Branch Meeting which took place it was agreed that the branch would sponsor its local football team to re-launch the ‘GMB Safeguard Campaign’

The campaign is to reduce the abuse and the violent attacks on security officers and to provide support and counselling. These violent attacks will not be tolerated and are not ‘part of the job’.

The Branch agreed to provide the team with football tops, tracksuits with the GMB Safeguard Logo on which you can see above.

Stuart Harrison, GMB Organiser said "attacks and abuse in the workplace is unacceptable in any environment, the safeguard campaign is raising the awareness of this and expects zero tolerance from employers. The sponsorship of the Rugby Lions is a great platform for the GMB S20 branch to get behind the campaign with the support of all the GMB representatives across the sector"

To find out more please download the following leaflet below or contact Stuart Harrison. 

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GMB Safeguard Football T-shirts

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