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Monday, February 9, 2015

Join the GMB at 5pm this evening outside Birmingham City Council when we hand over our Save our Lollipop Men and Women petition to council leaders.

Nearly 200 lollipop wardens are facing job losses across Birmingham, due to cuts in funding to the council. The GMB Union along with, Unite, Unison trade unions, Birmingham Labour MP’s and the Birmingham Mail launched a campaign on Thursday 5th February to save these jobs and to keep our children safe. This is a campaign that affects every community in Birmingham. 

We need your help! 

We are asking for your support, firstly to support the campaign by signing our petition: https://www.change.org/p/birmingham-city-council-save-birmingham-s-lollipop-wardens 

In addition GMB with Unite, Unison, and campaigners need you to come along to Birmingham City Council House on Monday 9 February 2015 at 5pm with your banners and flags where we will be handing in the petition to council leaders.  

This has reached over 3000 signatures already in just the space of a few days. The Lollipop wardens of our city really need your help to save their jobs, so please come along and join us in the fight to keep our young children safe from reckless drivers, who break speed limits day in day out. 

The campaign has the backing from prominent road safety campaigner Avril Child, whose two daughters were run over whilst crossing the road, within which one was killed in Great Barr two years ago. 

These lollipop wardens play an essential role and give a vital service to schools and the children. Without them there would be more road accidents and fatalities.  

Gillian Whittaker, GMB Regional Organiser said “we understand that the council are having to make some really difficult decisions regarding the services that they may have to cut as a result of the Westminster government cuts to local government funding.  

However, we are urging them not to cut this essential service as it plays a vital role in keeping our children safe on our streets.  It is also ‘encouraging’ to see the Minister for Local government and communities - Eric Pickles MP has stated he supports our campaign. 

However, he is being hypocritical as it is his department that will not give Birmingham the funds it needs to run its services.  If he really wants to save the lollipop’s then his department can make it happen and give Birmingham its fair share of funding so that it wouldn’t have to make these cuts.  I would therefore urge the minister to give Birmingham its equitable funding (in line with some of the Tory shire counties) and support the council to save jobs.” 


Contact: GMB Regional Organiser, Gillian Whittaker on 07850 768351 or Samantha Jones, Media Officer on 07939 874272. 

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