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The Kerslate report released today

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The budget paper is available on the council website at the following link:https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/birmingham-city-councils-governance-and-organisational-capabilities-an-independent-review 

Gill Whittaker GMB Regional Organiser stated " the GMB is concerned that there will be significant budget reductions across the Local Authority but has particular concerns that there are drastic reductions to essential services.

As well as expressing anger at the impact this will have on GMB members jobs, the GMB is anxious about the impact that these budget reductions leading to cuts in services will have on the residents of Birmingham.

This is particularly in light of the government commissioned Kerslake report which states that Birmingham has some of the most deprived and vulnerable demographics in the country for whom these essential services are a lifeline.

The cuts equate to the equivalent of 1125 FTE jobs but in real terms with many part time workers who are predominantly women and or carers in the local Authority it will lead to over 4000 job losses in this current financial year.

How will this help restore economic development for Birmingham? The Kerslake report concludes that for Birmingham to be the civic power it has been in the past then such economic development is essential, with these unprecedented attacks on funding from central government BCC is in the insidious position of knowing the solution to its problems but being unable to implement them.

Whilst the GMB recognises the impossible situation BCC has been placed in because of the unprecedented idealogical and disproportionate cuts to its funding from central government. It will none the less give a robust and strong defence of its members jobs particularly if the council implements a policy of compulsory redundancies. 


Contact: Gillian Whittaker: 07850 76835, Samantha Jones, Media Research Administrator 07939 874272

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