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The role of Trade Unions in Schools

Thursday, September 3, 2015

People working in schools choose to join a union for a number of reasons, ranging from the practical benefits and legal protection afforded by unions, to a principled commitment to collective negotiations.

Consequently trade unions are more of an accepted part of the landscape in education employment than in most other parts of the UK economy.

One of the main reasons that staff decide to join a union is for the legal support they'll receive in the rare event that they encounter serious difficulties at work. It can be reassuring to know that you have the backing of a large and well-resourced organisation in the event, for instance, that a pupil is involved in a accident on a school trip or makes a malicious allegation of abuse.

Unions offer extensive advice and legal backing is any such event should arise.

Most unions also offer other services from discounted household insurance to low rates on your car breakdown cover, membership comes complete with a range of offers.

Unions recognise the link between education policy and members“ conditions of employment. Unions use evidence-based policy to enable them to campaign and negotiate from a position of strength. They champion good practise and achieve better working lives for their members.

They also  help members, as their careers develop, through first-rate research, advice, information and legal support.

Union members — teachers, headteachers, teaching assistants and support staff are empowered to get advice locally and nationally. Unions are affiliated to the TUC, and work with government and employers across the UK by ;lobbying and through social partnership.

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