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What does the Trade Union Bill mean to you

Monday, September 21, 2015

What does the Trade Union Bill mean to you?

Here are the key proposals we must fight:

1. The Trade Union Reform Bill seeks to outlaw public sector union members from striking unless turnout reaches 50% and 40% of all union members entitled to vote support strike action. Despite the fact that David Cameron’s government rules on just 24% of the electorate with an average 66% turnout.

2. It will force unions to hand over all information relating to proposed picketing and protests, to publish its plans and even whether social media activity relating to the strikes to the police and the employer. This taints a lawful action enshrined in the Human Rights Act and drives a wedge between workers and the authorities. To top it all, if they don’t get everything they want it’s a £20,000 fine!

3. It will most likely include further expansion of public sector workers from being excluded from paying union fees through wages (called check off) which adds an unnecessary barrier to membership. This makes it more likely that membership will fall and workers will be left without support when they need it most.

4. It will introduce the right of employers to hire strike-breaking agency staff, as well as require a union to give the employer at least a fortnight’s notice before the industrial action starts, crippling the effectiveness of an essential tool of last resort.

5. Attacking union ability to fund political campaigning, and parties, to run on issues that affect our workers by forcing all members to be questioned on whether they want to support it every 5 years. This is a waste of time, money and effort, if you don’t want to be part of the political levy, we trust you’ll tell us!

6. Stop demonstrators from supporting your strike action, so when your family want to join you, they could be breaking the law unless they tell the police exactly what they plan to do in support!

7. Cut the amount of time public sector workers can spend on trade union duties, so if you need support from your officials and they can’t fit you in, guess what? You’re on your own as far as the Government are concerned, restricting your access to a paid service, isn’t that just theft?

For further information please visit the TUC website for details of national demonstrations, lobby's and a petition: https://www.tuc.org.uk/trade-union-bill-get-involved

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