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The Political Department is the vital link between industrial and political campaigning on behalf of GMB members. The Political Officer leads on all matters to do with political organisation and campaigns involving elected representatives and the Labour Party.

Our members are struggling with the rising cost of living as real term wages fall and public spending is cut. As a union we are campaigning against these changes in favour of a more equal and fair society.

We think it is therefore important that trade union members have a voice and are able to lobby governments of all political parties.

Our political strategy is determined and agreed by the unions’ decision making body.  Congress aims to increase the number of GMB members involved in political activity from community involvement to becoming active in the Labour Party and considering elected office.

The Political Fund

The GMB Union has a political fund to finance political campaigns on behalf of GMB members. We believe it is important that trade union members have a political voice to lobby government and political parties.

To enable the GMB to maintain a political fund the Government insists that we ballot all our members every 10 years to ensure that they wish us to have a political fund.

The GMB members have seen the importance of the political fund to them and have recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of a political fund.

GMB & Labour

GMB was one of the trade unions that founded the Labour Party and is its third largest affiliate. Since the 28th February 1900, the GMB has been active at all levels of the Party including ward, constituency, local authority district, regional, national and European level. Today thousands of GMB members are also Labour Party members and involved at all levels of the party.

GMB encourages all of its members to become involved in politics and the Labour Party. Whether it’s by joining the party, helping with campaigns or standing for election, GMB will help you with training and support.

Political Training

There will be political training in the autumn following on from our successful course back in February. It aims to give an introduction to Labour movement values and being a trade union activist within the Labour Party.

If you are interested in getting in involved in politics, or considering standing in local elections or for Parliament 2020, should consider coming along.

Qualification: GMB members should be interested in getting involved in campaigns and have an interest in what it means to be a Labour Party member.

If you are interested, please contact the Regional Political Officer Cerys Way at cerys.way@gmb.org.uk

GMB Representatives

We work with elected representatives to help influence and effect change for our members.There are over 2,000 GMB members who are Labour Party local councillors. Over 80 Labour MPs are GMB members as are 3 Labour MEPs. There are GMB Members in the elected Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. We are keen to support our members who are interested in standing for elected office at every level- we can provide training and support so if you think this could be for you then please fill in an interest form and get in touch.


The GMB MPs in the Birmingham and West Midlands Region are:
Ian Austin MP
Paul Farrelly MP
Colleen Fletcher MP 
Emma Reynolds MP
Ruth Smeeth MP

Local Councillors

GMB is setting up a Councillor network. The union has over a ¼ of a million members working in Local Government. We are keen to ensure that GMB councillors can communicate with each other all over the country and a new online forum is being developed. GMB councillors being able to share experiences and best practice on issues such as the living wage and contracting in and out of services is crucial going forward.

Get involved

Whether you want to find out more, go campaigning, organise in your community or are thinking for standing for election get involved in one of our political events.

Also every month we will send you a quick e-mail update suggesting a quick action for you to take that will help make a difference to our members. It might be to share information with your friends, watch a video, tell your MP about one of our campaigns or fill in a survey. Whatever it is it will be optional, it will make a difference and it won’t take longer than 10 minutes! Please get in touch.

Get in touch

If you want more information about politics in Birmingham and the West Midlands then contact Regional Political Officer Cerys Way at cerys.way@gmb.org.uk

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