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Academy Schools

GMB represents over 120'000 members employed in schools and recent move by the Tory-Lib Coaliation Government to encourage all 'Outstanding' schools to convert to Academy Status is a direct threat to our members pay, pensions and terms and conditions of employment.

GMB is opposed to Academies in principal and will support members, parents, Governors and local communities in their campaigns to prevent their school being taken out of the state system.

However GMB is committed to protect our members in their workplace and supporting all GMB school members regardless of the status of their school.

If your school is considering becoming an academy you should contact your local office immediately for assistance.

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Additional Resources

West Midlands Academies Press Release June 2013

download pdf15Kb (pdf) - 03 June 2013

It is our experience that support staff are frequently the first group of school staff to have their jobs and terms and conditions threatened says GMB.

Hands off our school - Galton Valley Primary School Press Release - January 2014

download pdf53Kb (pdf) - 13 January 2014

The message we hope we are sending to Mr Gove and the Department of Education is ‘Hands off our schools’ says GMB.

GMB Newsletter for members workers in Academies March 2014

download pdf344Kb (pdf) - 13 March 2014

GMB is the largest trade union for school support staff, and we are conscious that with the government’s rapid academisation of our school system we need more than ever before to ensure you have access to all the services of GMB to protect your conditions of work.