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Higher Level Teaching Assistant Standards

The National Agreement signed by the DfES, local employers, and school workforce unions has paved a way for radical reforms within education. Part of this agreement was the proposal to introduce the role of the High Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), enabling some Support Staff to undertake a more extended and recognised role, under the regulations and guidance within Section 133 of the Education Act 2002 (click here to view this document).

Following wide consultation with the above signatories, the Teacher Training Agency (TTA) has now published a set of new Standards which will establish the necessary skills and expertise the HLTAs need to fulfill their roles. Within the regulatory framework teachers and headteachers will be expected to make professional judgments regarding which teaching and learning activities should be undertaken by HLTAs and specifically what support and guidance they should have.

The GMB emphasises that the role of the HLTA is one that is complementary to the role of the teacher, not one that is interchangeable.

The Standards for HLTAs

The Standards are organised within three inter-related sections:

  • Professional Values and Practices
  • Knowledge & Understanding
  • Teaching and Learning Activities

The Standards have now been published (September 2003).

However, whilst the Standards are generic the assessment and training will enable individuals to build on their own personal knowledge and experience.

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