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On this page you'll find bulletins and information compiled by the GMB, the Department for Education and Skills, and other sources.

You can download these files or read them online by clicking on the relevant items.

Most of the documents on this page require an Adobe PDF Reader, which can be downloaded FREE from the Adobe website

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Additional Resources

School Workforce News 9 (January 2012)

download pdf415Kb (pdf) - 16 January 2012

How UK schools have pulled apart.

School Workforce News 10 (February 2012)

download pdf462Kb (pdf) - 23 February 2012

GMB invited onto expert group to review medical care in schools.

School Workforce News 15 (July 2012)

download pdf412Kb (pdf) - 24 July 2012

LGPS 2014: The proposed new local government pension scheme.

School Workforce News 16 (August 2012)

download pdf400Kb (pdf) - 13 August 2012

Heavy workload and not enough time, say School Business Managers

School Workforce News 17 (September 2012)

download pdf433Kb (pdf) - 05 September 2012

Members have their say on LGPS and vote to accept new proposals

School Workforce News 18 (October 2012)

download pdf394Kb (pdf) - 05 October 2012

Capability and school support staff

School Workforce News 19 (March 2013)

download pdf482Kb (pdf) - 15 March 2013

Local government pay talks - employers put options on the table.

School Workforce News 20 (April 2013)

download pdf391Kb (pdf) - 23 April 2012

Local Government pay offer is 1% no strings attached

School Workforce News 21 (June 2013)

download pdf377Kb (pdf) - 23 June 2013

Government wants schools to axe teaching assistants

School Workforce News 22 (July 2013)

download pdf884Kb (pdf) - 23 July 2013

Your school needs you

School Workforce News 21 (May 2014)

download pdf399Kb (pdf) - 19 May 2014

GMB members angrily reject 1% pay offer, and vote overwhelmingly to ballot for strike action.

School Workforce News 22 (June 2014)

download doc781Kb (doc) - 11 June 2014

Vote "Yes" for strike action over local government pay offer

School Workforce News January 2015

download pdf517Kb (pdf) -

Childcare Disqualification